Pringles Everything Bagel Review...

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Nov 8, 2004

Finally found this at a local grocery store.

I open up and can and certainly some smell is coming out of the can.

The first problem is it looks like these Pringles were never seasoned with anything.

Would have liked way more black poppy seeds in this product.

At best this tastes like Cream cheese only but that would probably not sell this item at all.

A medium sized thumbs up at best.
Little late to this review's party (just now noticing it) but this is one flavor of Pringles I've personally not seen. Based on your review, these sound a little lackluster, but I'd try them for myself if I would run across them at some point.
I kinda liked them. I should say that I pretty much like Pringle's, regardless of variety. The taste reminded me of bagels, and I like bagels. They aren't as good as real bagels; they're potato chips, so of course they aren't.
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