Review- Cheeburger Cheeburger- Sicklerville, New Jersey

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Dec 20, 2005
southeastern pa.
Cheeburger Cheeburger- Sicklerville, New Jersey

The Warden and I risked the weather and drove down to take the Grand-kids to lunch. Julianna always picks the venue in these situations, and this time she unhesitatingly picked this place.

Cheeburger Cheeburger (CC) is, as the name implies, a burger-focused restaurant franchise.
CC brings to mind the diners of the 1950s. Some might say that it's a "Nifty Fifties" copycat, with doo-wop music playing over the speaker system, nostalgic pink walls, neon signs, Formica-topped counters, vinyl-covered stools and the quilted aluminum backdrop.
This was my first visit, and the place was busy and boisterous with people having a good time.

The Dining area was clean and spotless.

The Server helps newcomers wade through the complexities of the unbelievably huge menu with its add-ons and personalized salads. She points out there are no hamburgers listed, but the cooks will fix a "cheeburger" without the cheese, if desired, and they are happy to prepare it to your desired degree of doneness, ranging from medium to well-done.

The menu includes the Famous Pounder, a 20-ounce burger, which entitles you to having your photo displayed on their "Wall of Famers" if you finish it, followed by the 14-ounce Delirious, the half-pound Serious, the 7-ounce Semi-Serious, and finally the 5 1/2-ounce Classic, referred to as the "beginner burger."
All three adults decided that the "Semi-Serious" was probably quite big enough.
Whichever burger you select, you're entitled to pick one cheese from a list of nine. You can also choose as many toppings as you'd like from a group of 27 items, including the usual lettuce, tomato and mayo, but also the unusual -- peanut butter, marinara sauce, onion rings, mushrooms, bacon, chopped garlic, Portobello cap, banana peppers, jalapeño relish -- you get the idea.
The menu also lists fries, onion rings and "frings" (a combo of fries and onion rings), all fried in peanut oil and available in baskets with cheese sauce or horseradish sauce.
The "think lunch and dinner" segment of the menu offers 10 different meals, including grilled Portobello mushroom melts or sandwiches, chicken finger baskets and sandwiches, a chicken breast smothered with Swiss and bleu cheeses, a BLT and a simple grilled cheese on white or rye.
The menu also invites you to invent your own salad with heaping platefuls of romaine lettuce, baby greens and spring mix with your choice of grilled Portobello, grilled or fried chicken breast and even a Cheeburger on top -- plus any combination of more than 15 salad toppers.
A seemingly endless (70 or more) alphabetical list of shakes, sundaes and malts starts with almond and almond joy and ends with vanilla and watermelon.
But make no mistake about it ; the focus of the menu is the Burger.

I had a half-size frings basket ($3.79) which the Warden helped me with (we still didn't finish all the fries). I requested my CC at medium doneness and dolled up with lettuce, fried tomato slice, a thick (Too thick, actually)slice of Bermuda onion and horseradish sauce.
The Warden tried a half-size chocolate covered pretzel shake ($2.99) and loved it. I tried the Watermelon-Iced Tea, (and that was interesting enough to cause me to make a mental note to try for this at home).

The kid menu is limited, but the portions were substantial, and comes in a cardboard classic Automobile convertible, which the kids get to keep.

Jocelyn stayed with her favorite eating-out choice; Chicken fingers, Honey-Mustard sauce, fries and two of Pop-Pop's onion rings. (The dipping sauce wasn't working for her, so she dipped her "fingers" in ketchup).
Julianna went for the Junior classic with ketchup and the baby carrots (raw) with ranch dipping sauce.
I could barely get my face around my burger, which was juicy and cooked just as I ordered.... The Warden topped hers with the optional grilled Portobello, lettuce, fresh tomato slice and Ranch dressing. We both ended up resorting to the knife and fork, as the burgers were so big and so juicy that it was a chore keeping it all inside the bun.
Over-all, it was a great lunch !
The bill, for three adults and two kids, was $50, plus tip.

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