Roasted lamb loin joint (or boneless shoulder joint)

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Nov 16, 2004
Enough for 2

Lean lamb loin joint (six cutlets)
Boneless shoulder joint

Lamb sausages (or if you can't find lamb sausages easily, perhaps some finely minced lamb could be substituted)

Lots of fresh mint

The meat should be cooked at Gas mark 4-5/350 F. For medium (the way I like it) I allow 25 mins the lb plus 25 mins. Well done would need about 30 mins the lb plus 30 mins.

Place loin joint onto a rack in a roasting tin and open roast in a preheated oven for the calculated cooking time.

Remove 3 lamb sausages from their skins and mix together with a generous handful of chopped fresh mint.. Shape into a sausage and roast alongside the lamb for the final 30 minutes cooking time.

If you decide to use a boneless shoulder of lamb cut the string that the butcher has used to prepare the joint and open up the roll and lay joint flat. Layer mint leaves and sausage meat onto the lamb and then re-roll the lamb. Use a thick strip of foil to wrap the joint and keep it in place, then weigh and roast by the same method as shown for the loin roast above.

Serve this with new season's potatoes (boiled), spring greens or savoy cabbage, carrots and a really good gravy - and lots of home-made mint sauce - not that awful dark green mint jelly that you can buy!


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Aug 19, 2004
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an old one that a lurker sought that cracked me up.

only ishbel would have posted such a recipe. i'm sure it was good, but there are so many things that only pale blue people (scots) can understand as s.o.p..

make lamb sausage, then roll with mint into a boneless lamb shoulder?


skin lamb sausages, mix with mint, then form into, what else, a sausage??
i'm sorry to be so cynical. i was just lurker surfing and saw this one with no replies.

ishbel used to complain that she posted heirloom recipes that got no responses and couldn't understand why, often with metered but obvious displeasure.

of course, there might have been more to it, but this one both cracked me up as well as sounded really good.

thank you for patronizing me. it sometimes takes me years to understand things.

ishbel, if you're still there, this one i'd love to try.

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