Salmon Loaf with Cornmeal

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Oct 10, 2018
Looking for a healthier binder than bread or cracker crumbs. Like quinoa but it doesn't hold together well.

Wondering if cornmeal might work.
Hi all, I am wondering what is the ideal time to keep the Smoked Salmon & Soft Cheese Sandwich
out of the refrigerator so that it has room temperature and is still safe to eat. Can we apply the 2 hour rule or it should be less or more than 2 hours?


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It should come to room temperature waay before 2 hours.
Unwrap, cover loosely - 20 minutes should be more than good.
If you put the sandwich on a large metal surface, like a stove or a cast iron skillet, it will warm up to room temperature faster. No, you don't turn on the stove or heat the skillet. They will just draw the heat out of the sandwich faster than wood or air will.
You could use wholewheat bread or wholewheat crackers. Something gluten free isn't likely to bind well.
I am back to cooking some salmon loaf. Do wholewheat crackers have gluten? Is gluten important in binding a salmon loaf?
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Yes, whole wheat has gluten. Egg is used to bind. I've also seen recipes with almond meal to help a bit with the absorption and binding.
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