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Sous Chef
Jun 21, 2006
Ephesus Georgia
I did a low and slow cook for the first time in a while. Getting back into it after back surgery. I did a corned beef brisket into pastrami and a Boston butt. We will eat sometime today.





I love running the smoker, just don't seem to have time these days. I usually end up just running it on holidays. Easter will be a big one. Ham, poppers, and other goodies. Not sure yet.

I try and run the grill on Sundays, but even then it is hard to find a day off.
Paymaster, another great cook!:mrgreen: I popped some Armadillo Eggs in the BGE and a couple of spatchcocked cornish hens.:yum:
Nice! I'm not a corned beef fan, but I can appreciate some good pastrami from time to time.

I am just getting my outdoor cooking grove on for 2018. I smoked a meatloaf last week. I'm itching to smoke some ribs very soon.

You guys are killing me! It is just after 7 am here and I would eat that Reuban with gusto right now. :rolleyes: :pig:

There are many many advantages to being single - but cooking for one is NOT one of them. :ermm:
Looks wonderful as always, Paymaster! I hope you're feeling good as new again very soon.
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