Sunday Dinner - June 12

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Got some pork marinating for saté. I'll do some peppers on the grill as well and serve with rice. Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit and we can eat on the deck.
If the weather holds, it's been rainy for about 36 hours, I'm going to try smoking a fattie on the Weber. We may have that for dinner or something else quick.
Am not sure. I will be at my in-laws for lunch (a family celebration for my wonderful 8 month old great nephew!). There will be tons of food (I am taking cake of course!) and since DH will be off to work I will probably just have a salad or something when I get home.
Well, President Obama has overflown my kitchen and declared it a national disaster area eligible for Federal funds, so as soon as the cleanup is completed, I'm going to make grandma's sauce with beef & turkey meatballs and hot Italian sausage, and I just might bake a loaf of Italian bread, if my starter is still good
If the weather holds, it's been rainy for about 36 hours, I'm going to try smoking a fattie on the Weber. We may have that for dinner or something else quick.

Change in plans. Fattie will come later this week.

Dinner will be grilled kielbasa, baked cinnamon sweet potato and a salad.

I have some of Princess Fiona's pecan shortbread cookies for dessert.
Steaks on the grill. My daughter and I eat rib steaks, while my wife prefers a filet. I am doing up some Gorganzola Hotel butter now. Will add baked potato, aparagus, and I have some mushrooms and onions I haven't decided what I am going to do with yet. And, maybe something with a tomato....
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I have some sweet corn that will get cooked but that is all I know right now. I'm not sure what else I'll serve with it. Maybe do some BBQ chicken since I just got my shipment of BBQ sauce.
I'm putting together some fresh uncooked spring rolls with rice paper, lettuce, avocado, etc.
Also some bibimbap - ohhh soo goooooddddd...
Adding asparagus to the grill, and some mushrooms too. I think I'll kebab the peppers and mushrooms and just grill the asparagus alongside the saté. No clue what kind of salad to have. Dessert was going to be peaches and cream pie, but I'm pooped from cleaning so its ice cream instead!
Bratwurst with onion gravy and mashed potatoes. Leafy lettuce and spinach salad with radishes, sweet roasted peppers, mustard greens, kalamata olives, garlic greens and blue cheese dressing.
Roasted chicken with lemon, two heads of garlic and olive oil.
Toms, red onion, cukes with oregano and olive oil.
No cooking today, it's too hot! Tuna Salad on Club Crackers, and Coke Zero. Sugar-Free Frozen Yogurt for dessert.
I was really wanting some beer can chicken, but a project negated my trip to one of the stores I trust buying poultry at, so it will be a rack of loin back pork ribs instead. Just finished rubbing them and will be firing up the Ducane shortly.
Three Bean Salad- summer staple
Buttered Steamed Carrots
Cube Steak Sandwich- pounded lightly to further tenderize, seasoned with fresh ground pepper, pan fried in butter and Worcestershire Sauce on toasted and lightly buttered Italian bread.

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Very lazy today so made a wrap with Turkey cold cuts, avocado and veggies

Smoked a rack and a half of baby backs on the Big Green Egg, pulled a dough ball out of the freezer and made a white pizza with fresh Romas and fresh mozzarella. Also got some decent corn on the cob from Walmart. Very enjoyable dinner.
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