Sunday May 19th, 2024 where did dinner go?

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Feb 16, 2013
Waterdown, Ontario
Had a late lunch and was too pooped to do a dinner. Nibbled on a slab of Naan bread.
Lunch was a soup of rice noodles, flavoured with a chicken cube, egg scrambled in (does that make it Egg Drop Soup?) Chunks of Hearts of Pam. Self seeded Bok Choy from a year (or more) ago, pulled while prepping the garden. Seasoned with a tiny bit of Soy Sauce. Was delicious! Hope I can replicate it again.

Did anyone else eat?
Is this a long weekend for others? Here in Canada it is Victoria Day weekend. Monday is a holiday.
We had hamburgers on the grill, French fries, side salads, and yogurt covered pretzels for dinner last night. We in the US have a long weekend coming up this next weekend - it's Memorial Day. People will be off Monday (5/27) and a lot of families will go to the beach if they are close enough.
Tovala meals of Salisbury meatballs, mashies and green beans I cooked.

I bought a lobster on special. I chose to get one that was cooked at the store. I made up some of the filling for a lobster roll, but I buggered up the hotdog bun when I tried to cut it open, so I had it on some wholewheat bread. It was quite tasty. I have a bunch of lobster meat in the freezer. i didn't want to eat lobster again today and I really didn't want the lobster going off. Next up with the lobster bits, a Danish appetizer recipe.
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