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Oct 13, 2014
Hey guys checking in from Chiang Mai, Thailand. Beautiful place , would def recommend but unfortunately the BBQ isn't up to par with deep South and obviously could bring my grill.

So a close personal friend and fellow foodie(a real nice 68 year old dude) has been busting his butt the past few months to make his grandkids happy. He's always been a tinkerer and ran a Kickstarter campaign about a year ago with a pretty amazing naturally fired, ridiculously high temp cooker for pizzas, paella, wok and wicked steak.

Well his grandkids came over one afternoon and loved his cooking but challenged him to make one that was picnic portable for the park. Ray's been working on the HEXX Cooker for months now and its finally on Kickstarter and already fully funded. He doesn't know I'm posting this on here but honestly he is such a nice guys(albeit not too tech savvy) so I wanted to help share his cooker with everybody. He grilled up probably the best steak I've ever had and I've been to nice places.

I'm not here asking you to back his campaign or anything like that but as his friend I want to see him succeed beyond his wildest dreams. I'd be stoked if you guys checked out the HEXX Cooker campaign. If you think its awesome like I do help make it happen, share it cause it really is a killer product.

PS. Sorry for the salesyness but Ray is a close personal friend and honestly the food is phenomenal so...Cheers.
I am into Thai Curries. Got any good recipes we need to know about? Thanks. Used to have some out of a magazine but I lost them some where. I even bought fish sauce and coconut milk..curry powder etc. but used it all up I guess. We have an area of town called Little Saigon where they sell all that stuff. So snagging some again aint an issue.
Wish I had some good ones. Unfortunately Ray's the cook and I'm just the food loving friend with little skills in the kitchen.

I'd ask him and get him on the forum but he actually just got out of the hospital for a small procedure and is in recovery mode so I don't want to push it. Sorry mate :(
Right. As the cute school teacher always said on Romper Room. Be a Do Bee..not a Don't Bee. Or something similar to that.
Ok..If those puppies are free I will take the one on the right with the cute little pink nose.

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