My driver is leaving ;-(

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Jul 30, 2010
Northern Negev, Israel
Since I've been housebound I've done the majority of my grocery shopping online. There is a little [very little] mini-market just 40m diagonally across the road from me which carries basics, but being so small there is very little choice, and when I need basic every day things I phone them and someone pops over with whatever I want. But as I say, the majority is done online, and as 6pm Monday is my preferred slot [it's plus/minus half an hour either way] - usually every two weeks in the summer, three weeks in the winter - I've had the same nice young delivery man every time.

He's been so helpful - always phoning as soon as he gets on the Moshav to give me enough time to get to the door to open it ready for him to bring the bags in, and even when we were in lockdown and he was only supposed to leave the bags by the door, he would make sure he kept well away from me and took the bags through into the kitchen for me. And my little dog adores him, getting so excited when she sees his van [she adores men - little slut!].

And yesterday he told me he was leaving :cry:

OK, so on a few occasions I've had to pick a different day due to Holy Days/Festivals etc, and there have been different delivery guys - all very pleasant - but when you're old and live alone and don't often see anyone to talk to, changes in routine - even if it's just a change in a delivery driver - seem to be of more importance than they really are. And I'm really going to miss this young man and his delightful friendly smile.
There is no competitor as far as my grocery shopping is concerned. Just about all the supermarkets have branches in town, but because this Moshav is the other side of the main N/S highway, none of them will deliver here. But I wouldn't use them even if they did. This particular supermarket [which is also the town side of the highway] is the one I used to go to from when that particular shopping centre was built. Before then, I went to the one smaller branch they had in town. And when I came here in 1985, that was the first, and only, supermarket in town. Town then had a population of ~55,000. It now has getting on for 300,000.

I wasn't disabled then - I moved from town to the Moshav after I had the accident. I don't have a car and used to have to get a taxi to come out from town, take me to where I wanted to go, and then get another taxi to pick me up and bring me home. And as new shopping centres/new supermarkets were built, I tried them all, but not one was as good as this one. I couldn't even get into one as there was no way I was going to try and go through a revolving door in a wheelchair, and they refused to open a door for me, saying it was an emergency exit only.

At this supermarket all the staff were always so helpful - first when I went in my manual chair, and then after I got my little foldable scooter. They always sent someone round with me so I didn't have the problem of reaching for items, plus they always opened a special cash desk as there is no such thing here in having to wait in line if you are disabled.

And their produce always was, and still is, top quality. They are also wonderful to deal with online - any queries are answered immediately, and I have never had a problem with any product. When the packer is getting my order ready, if something is out of stock they always phone to ask if I would like a replacement - they go out of their way to help.

So I wouldn't change to a different supermarket even if I could.

I don't know what my young driver is going to do - he said something about moving on and up - and I wish him the very best of luck in whatever he does.

But I'm going to miss him.
Has the favorite driver gone already? If not, ask him to promise to replace his replacement!? ;)

Sounds like he has been a true friend. Big shoes to fill. I'm saying a prayer for both of you!
He wasn't a friend, just a delivery driver, and was always in a rush. But he was so nice - when he phoned to say he was on the Moshav [the end he come from is waaay up the road] I could hear his smile in his voice. And if you could see little wigglebutt when she saw the van draw up... she knew that if I went to unhook the rope from the door so it was fully open, following a brief phone call, that it was him. Why? Because who else would I open the door for just after a phone call?! And she'd be waiting, wiggle wiggle wiggle!

I always know when he's left the store though, as apart from it coming up on the computer, they send an SMS message to say the driver is on his way. So I'm ready for his call - and wigglebutt senses it.

He said something about seeing me on Sunday, but I never have a Sunday delivery, and in any case my next order won't be until the 19th, and he knows I'm not a weekly customer.

Ach - I'm just a silly old woman who is stuck in a routine, and who doesn't like changes.
(((Hugs Phaedra))). I hope your new driver is competent and friendly.
Thanks for the hugs! I'm not sure why it should make any difference to me as whoever it will be is sure to be friendly. The supermarket and all their employees have a reputation for being helpful, and on the very few occasions I've had a different driver they've all been very pleasant. But I'll miss his smile.
Hmmm...if he was not a friend, he certainly was friendly.
Polite, friendly, and always smiling. And I always intended to ask him what aftershave he used, as he left a delightful light waft of it behind him when he went! I don't even know him name, but I have emailed both the branch and the Head Office to say how nice he's always been, asking them to please pass my thanks on to him. They will, of course, know which driver delivers to this particular route at that time.
I to am sorry to hear your driver is moving on up.
Remember the smiles. He's probably already told the new driver how special you and your dog are to him. He didn't go that extra mile because it was his job.
I can't wait to read how your dog will charm the new driver. ;)
What will she do!? LOL!
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