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Toby Keil

Executive Chef
Jan 15, 2008
Thousand Oaks, CA
Here’s some of what I’m smoking this weekend, not sure If I’m going to start it tomorrow night or just wake up super early on Sat to start. The full packer is 14 Lbs and I got it for $ 27.60 and the butt is 11.7 Lbs and cost a whopping $6.09. I’m going to prep both tonight and will only slightly trim the brisket. Sure am wishing I had the 22” WSM right now. Oh yea, on Sunday I’m also going to do 2 chickens halved and marinated in Jerk sauce. Should be a fun weekend. I’ll keep this post alive as I move through the cook and the weekend.

Here’s the brisket and the butt all rubbed down and ready for the fridge. I slightly trimmed the brisket and used a homemade rub on it and used Blues Hog on the butt. Wasn’t sure if the brisket was going to fit on my 18” WSM but after emailing Mr. Wolfe, he suggested I bend it. I’ll use the handles on the grate and wrap the ends in foil if need be. Thanks Larry!


Woke up a little later then I wanted thanks to a few beers but did manage to get the brisket and the butt on by 6:30

I concede, things happening?????

Hey look , my new Tat.................;}-


I am so ashmed I don't have any pron of the cook last night, however,I had a huge surprise. I was to have my old tattoo re-done on my b-day in Nov. Mijo walked in threw down a bag of goodies to smoke(2-f;ats,4-Chickens and 4-racks of Spares. Says, "Hi, Pop. Got some meat fer ya, and I have a nice little extra too." Followed by Darrel(his buddy) and his daughter... What's with that ,you ask? She's a 15y/o girl that has an intrest in tattoos. She's given quite a few to friends,family and from what I've seen,VERY good. That's why I told Jr. I'd let her do it in Nov. Well, B-day last night!!!
Here's a shot of the outline and some shading:



then the finished product...
I forgot all about the "Que", and Stan said he'd do it.....bad choice.
It took me 2 hrs. to get the do, I thought Mijo was tending the smoke, but NOTHerought with him a 22y/o girl he met somewhere and was Rutting all evening.
I had gotten a great ember bed going and the temps. in the chamber were where I wanted them. On coming out to show off the Too, i noticed the temp. was 125(F and going down hill.I ran over and stoked it and opened to air, shoved a stick in her and began to fight the battle.
It took most of an hour to get back tp my 220*F, I went over to him and wanted to bust his chops (verbally) . But I decided to let it go.He's in LOVE again and acting like a teenager. Trouble is he's 38y/o. She's Uhhhh,22y/o.
Remember those days?????
Any how, we sat all night and ended up with some excellent "Que".
Well, I did, everyone else crashed.
On at 7pm off at 9am, 195*F, good bark and nice smoke ring. Eggs were a hit again and the Ribs,Ummmmmmmm
O.K/, I have a few shots Stan eventually got( late into the cook), and will post them and some post cook views as soon as I can wake him up to send them to me.(phone camera).
Sorry this was so long, but I feel better now.
Awsome work on the re-do and she's just starting...
If she keeps on, she'll be an artist. I may have her sign it,in case she gets famous.LOL
Stan aka Old School
While the brisket and pork butt were finishing I grilled up some beer brauts for lunch. When the brisket was done I wrapped it in foil and placed it in a cooler for a few hours and did the same with the butt. I sliced em up and and vac sealed for lunches and dinners later, didn't get a shot of the butt. Now I have 4 halved chickens marinating in jerk sauce that will be going on the smoker around 2pm.





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