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Feb 20, 2011
Had to go to Miami for business so stopped and picked up lunch. We both got Cuban sandwiches, black beans and rice. I ate half of mine.
Veggie hash-potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, orange and green peppers, diced and baked. Served up with ketchup-balsamic vinegar stirred together. Mandarin oranges and a peach. Fig bars for a bean brownies once they are made.
Made an exception last night, my daughter and I (my son was eating out) , on our way home stopped at the local McDrive in town, and bought ourselves crispy mcbacon burgers and fries. Quite good. Once in a while, it's harmless😅.
I gained five pounds over the holiday weekend, so I'm shifting back to "grazing." Also got some exercise thing to repair my front yard.

For lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich on fresh bakery bread.

I made some quesadillas tonight, made with some fresh made flour tortillas I picked up at HEB while getting soaked running errands. Dipped in Mateo's Hatch Chili Salsa, while watching my Mavs spank the Timberwolves to make it into the NBA finals. All-in-all, a very satisfying dinner.

The bread and tortillas were both made today. The tortillas were still warm when I bought them.

After the Y I managed to trim a few tulip heads down, pulled some weeds - but only where I wanted to put the Shasta's in. Got the 2nd poles up but not seeded. Noticed all the other beans and peas had started, little green bumps in the soil.

That was it... a Hard Boiled Egg with S&P eaten straight out of my hand... standing up. Hit the shower - then the TV.
Happy hour which we ate on the porch.

I made gluten free pizza for myself with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Mozarella sticks on the side. I drank a Strawberry Lime Truly.
DH had frozen pizza with the above vegetables, and baked sweet potato waffle fries. He drank an Old Fashioned and then a Cherry Truly.
I wanted something simple for dinner since I was exhausted painting my grandmother's old "motel chairs" for my front porch. I made chicken and noodles with the cafeteria noodle recipe. Added broccoli and a chopped salad with ranch. A complete dinner!

Oh, and a photo of one of the chairs before and after!

Kathleen, a friend found d2 of those chairs AND the slide swing as well. I was a bit jealous - but when I saw the before and after pictures (like yours) I was glad it wasn't me that did all that work - What a Job!

Well done, nice job!

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