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Oct 7, 2009
San Diego CA
Haven't had beef other than burger form for a couple of weeks so a tri tip was in order.

I haven't fired up the 26"er in a while and need to break in the CI grate for it and figured I might as well fill er up while I had her lit. Tri tip, peppers, green onions, corn, and the thing on the foil is a chicken popper. Someone said I just had to try one.

Tri tip cooked till around 117*F and pulled. Got the grill real hot and gave it a sear.


Had some left over garlic oil from a previous cook and made some cheesy garlic bread.

Tri tip sliced.

Sandwich made. Tri tip with some salsa and some Stubbs BBQ sauce on the cheesy garlic.

The aftermath. Not much for leftovers tomorrow.
Hay that's allright. Didn't know they made a cast iron grate for the 26 in. Man I miss that grill. It's like seeing your ex-grirlfried looken all smoken hot with a new piece of meat. But I know she's got a good home :LOL:
Wow that is an impressive spread. I would pay to eat some of that. Not whut is this chicken popper deal? The stuff on the foil sure did not look like chicken meat. Kindly brings us up to speed here. Thanks.

Chicken popper is a chicken breast with a spicy cream cheese mixture inside with some sort of seasoning on the outside. Its pretty good but not worth the price I paid for it. Doubt I'll ever buy one again. A guy at work shops at the same meat market and raved about them and told me I had to try one.

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