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Feb 20, 2011
Tovala meals of Korean BBQ chicken with rice and broccoli tossed with a sweet sesame dressing and fried noodles. Added some bulgogi soup dumplings ftom the Asian market.
Chicken legs and thighs, scalloped potatoes, pickles (gherkins or beets, garden string beans and cornbread. I made my cafeteria noodles from a rotisserie chicken I got a few days ago, and we had it for dinner twice and lunch once. Tonight, I asked Frank to remove the legs and thighs off of the carcass. He said, "Oh, so dinner tonight is chicken scraps?" Um...yesss. Maybe I will make chicken scrap and matzo ball soup tomorrow. :LOL:

20240709_174906 (1).jpg
I tried another type of vegan burger patty. This time it was a Mexican 3 bean patty. I liked the previous one, sweet potato and black bean, better. This one was a bit too "beany", but it was okay. I was also trying out some new hamburger buns. I'm familiar with this brand from the health food store. They are made of mostly khorasan wheat (trademarked name - Kamut). Those buns were quite good. They are only partially whole grain, but in my opinion better than white buns or whole wheat buns with a bunch of added chemicals. I garnished the burger with lettuce, red onion, deseeded tomato slices, and giardiniera.

Vegan 3 bean burger on khorasan wheat bun sm.jpg
Vegan 3 bean burger on khorasan wheat bun againsm.jpg

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