What are you having for supper Saturday, 2022 December 3?

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I tried out a new recipe from Chef John: Farmer Cheese Dumplings. I used cream cheese instead of farmer cheese, because that's what I had. I also made a beef soup, rather than chicken. The soup needs some tweaking. The dumplings were pretty good, but I will be experimenting. It wasn't my best soup, but it was good enough that we both ate too much. There is, however, enough left to reheat for supper on an upcoming grocery delivery day.


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We finished leftovers. Italian sausage and bean soup for me, two links of Italian sausage with a small bit of spaghetti and marinara sauce for Himself. Brownies for dessert.
Thighs wrapped in bacon, steamed carrots & peas, roasted potato chunks, very delish and even better as I didn't make it myself, just called to the table.
20 mth old granddaughter sat on my lap and ate all the icing off my cake. She wasn't partial, ate both the chocolate and vanilla.
We had kielbasa and I pulled LO Rigatoni with Cabbage and Fontina from the freezer. Just what we needed after a long day walking around the dog show. Got to see a few friends, some beautiful dogs and puppies!!! What a day!
Ginny, I congratulate you on not having hot dogs for dinner!
We had a simple dinner of hamburgers, onion rings, dill pickles. Saturday is usually a very simple dinner, no frills, not fancy. After all, it's Saturday!
Nope...no hot dogs for dinner...but we did have HamDogs for lunch! LO's from a couple days back, nuked and then placed atop salad stuff and a pita. It was perfect for a quick meal before heading to the dog show!

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