What Condiments Do You Have On Your Table?

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When I first started trying to be serious about cooking, I followed some reciipes faithfully buying everything listed. Woof... no wonder my cupboard is full of unused but opened "things".
One of the purchases was for Walnut Oil - it was a small bottle but expensive. Used a couple of teaspoons. Couple of months later thought I would use it for something (don't remember what) but when I opened the lid - whew - it was really rancid! Didn't take a rocket scientist to recognize that smell.
Of course at the time I didn't know all oils are relatively heat sensitive and I had it in a cupboard right beside the stove.
Years ago a cupboard above my stove was very accessible and handy - the vent was really different than what you get now-a-days - and I used to keep a lot of condiments there for quick grabs. Guess perhaps because the oil was usually vegetable it never seemed to go rancid.

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