What is for Dinner, Wednesday, March 25th?

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I just got the new Fine Cooking edition of Eat Smart and I'm making my way through the recipes. This is a good one--I can actually see myself adding more than one or two of these to the regular cycle. And there are some really good guilt-free desserts.

So, I'm trying the turkey meatloaf with parmesan smashed potatoes and roasted asparagus.
I am making stuffed shells (its a Weight Watchers recipe), a tossed salad and I'm trying the black bean brownie recipe. I am desperate for chocolate, obviously.
This morning my little grandson asked if I could make "hoe cakes" for breakfast. I asked him how did he know about them and he had been reading a book about George Washington whose favorite breakfast food was hoe cakes. My question is: Are all hoe cakes made with corn meal? I used a biscuit recipe and cooked them in a frying pan (he doesn't eat cornbread) and served them with butter and honey. He was happy. I suppose what I made was more like campfire biscuits.
This evening me & my country time hubby will be dinning apon country fried steak with a white flour, bacon, onion gravy. Accompanied by creamed corn, homemade biscuits, & some form of potato that I haven't quiet made my mind up about as of yet. Are your thighs growing ladies?
We're having pub grub tonight. It's my daughter and my girlfriends birthday! (it sure makes remembering thier b-days easy)
Broiled Salmon with a Tarragon/Pepita crust, roasted carrots and brussels sprouts.

and since I'm on my cleanse and can't have any sugar, for dessert I'm making that yummy 5-minute chocolate cake in the mug. He shouldn't be "deprived" just because I can't have any! :LOL:
having a hard time getting up for dinner, just had company for 10 days, had three groups for dinner during that time, have more coming tonight....I wanna go out to eat...but don't think thats gonna happen..better get this show on the road!
Did some experimentation with mediterranean. Chicken salad medit style: w/ olive oil, mayo, onions, oregano, garlic, and olives. It came out well the next day after it had time to marinate. Pasta with some of that squeeze tube pesto; I just got a tube of that from Trader joes, oh and fried mozzarella sticks! I had never made mozz. sticks before. My they get real messy dont they? they tend to fall apart quickly in the hot oil but they came out well. I used a little heavy cream in the batter with the egg wash. Flour/egg + cream wash/bread crumbs. The batter worked out well.
This was our Penne-Chicken-Broccoli casserole last night. I was busy doing other things and didn't get a chance to post. It was really good, and I served it with tossed salad and whole grain bread-n-butter.



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