What'chall Cookin' This Weekend 3/12/10?

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Nov 28, 2003
Last night I injected eight beautiful butts(about 70 lbs) for pulled pork for this Saturday's lunch with a secret marinade I made. Tonight I'll rub them down with a dry rub and put them on for a long slow smokey cook. I'll let 'em slow cook til they reach about 195* then take 'em off to rest. I may wait and pull them Saturday morning.
I'm not going to be as agressive as your 70 lbs, but I'm doing 17 lbs. for a March Birthdays, family gathering. I'm doing a tray of ABT's with crab meat and trying my first attempt at Moink Balls. The butts won't go on until about 6PM Saturday to hopefully pull and rest around noon on Sunday. I'll be making a new family favorite Connie Rempe's Sausage Dip. I did it last fall and have been getting requests ever since. Did you really want to know Traegernator ... or did you just what us to know what you were doing? :LOL: :LOL:
BBQUZZ, I do want to know. This thread basically opens it up for more discussion as to what people are doing and gives others ideas for cooking. Yea, I am doing a lot of butts this weekend BUTT, It isn't really much different from all the individual postings done on the same subject.
That sounds good. Im thinking of throwing on some ribs myself. if I don't get stormed out.
On Saturday I'll be smokin a 11 Lb brisket packer and a 11.24 Lb corned beef that I hope to use in sandwiches for moc pastrami. Then on Wednesday we are going to cook a traditional corned beef and cabbage dinner. Can't wait.
See what happens when your butts sit around all day getting marinated. They get big, butt, now let me tell you about my butts I just put on the smoker. I thought I would be able to fit all eight of them on there butt, only six would fit. I could have made them fit but they would be touching and I like all sides of my meat to get smoked. Lol.... Sorry, butt, thats funny and I am tired. Anyway, I'll get the other two on in the morning on my other lil smokehouse.

I'm thinking about some ribs here as well. The weather this week has been reminding us that March in Alaska is still winter. We've gotten another foot of snow and the temps have been single digits.
With everybody talking about ribs, ya'll are making me hungry for ribs! That will have to wait for next week unless more of you keep bringing them up and then I 'll have to do the LATE tomorrow night. I will be doing a lot of volunteer work starting at 2:00pm today and time will be scarce.

Keep up the good plans!
Well, I took the butts off the smokers about 1:00pm Friday afternoon and put them in a big pan and covered to keep them warm and internally cooking. Toward the end of Friday nights fish fry I pulled them(six of them)and stored them in the walk in cooler til Saturday morning. No picture right now, I'm at work and the camera is at home. Saturday morning I put them in the commercial steamer oven at school and put set them to warm for lunch(for the St. Joseph Altar cookie crew)while making cookie dough for the sesame seed cookies. After warmed, I mixed it with some BBQ sauce, and it was ready for the buns. I whipped up some cole slaw and warmed up some leftover potatoes with a garlic butter sauce and this was a great lunch. Everbody loved the pork and had at least seconds. I had mine as pulled pork on a bun, cole slaw and bread & butter pickles. If I may say so myself, it was the best pulled pork sandwich I have ever had!
After cleaning up from cookie making I started the Milanese sauce for the St. Joseph Day Feeding Feast for this coming Friday. Making it this far in advance gives the sauce time to only get better and it was the only chance I had to make it what with work getting in the way. Ended with about 40 gallons.
By the time I was finished with all this I am not interested in doing any more cooking this weekend so, Saturday nights dinner was Brooklyn pizza from restaurant of the same name, to go of course. I was worn out.
Below are some pics from Friday & Saturday. Someone picked up my camera and playing with erased my pic of the pork after being pulled and sauced as well as a couple of others like a nice bbq pulled pork sandwich with bread & butter pickles and cole slaw.

The butts waiting to be pulled

The big mixer I use to mix all the cookie dough for the St. Joseph Altar Italian cookies

The almost 40 gallons of Milanese sauce for our St. Joseph Day Feeding Feast being served this Friday. Free meal for anyone who comes to visit our dedication and devotion to St. Joseph.

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