What's the difference between a food and a meat processer?

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:) I'm sorry to interrupt your conversation. I just registered tonight and it won't let me post new topic.

I need to ask a question. What is the difference between a food processor and a meat processor.

My situation: Have ill husband, need to reduce bitesize of food, especially meat and process it someway without puree. My blender shreds it to liquid, I'm looking at processors, but am confused if they chop or cut meat without puree.

I surely would appreciate your help.

:D RaindropfromMississippi
Hi Guest - if you register it will make posting easier.

What you want is a food processer - Get a 5-cup - it's an in between size that should serve your needs.

You would just set it up with the steel blade; put in meat and pulse to desired size.

Hope that answered your question for you.
You are wonderful! I'm so happy to have found this forum. I really appreciate your prompt reply, because I need to purchase one today.

I had registered when I tried to post the 'new topic,' but it may work out now, just don't have the time. Will be back this afternoon to visit, for sure.

Have a great day! :D
Kelf....I don't understand. I am a registered member, but when I post or login, it won't recognize me as RaindropfromMississippi, that I am. Maybe you can straighten out what I did wrong.
When I login in, it says the name or etc is invalid, but yet it recognized me as a member last night when displaying that I was in the forum by name. So.... :(
I just checked to see if I was listed in the Memberlist and I am, but it shows 0 posts. It also is showing me as a guest in the 'online' list using the forum... hope you know what to do, I don't.
Help is on the way for logging onto site...

Hi Guest and RaindropfromMississippi,

I e-mailed the webmaster - hopefully he'll have some suggestions to fix the problem.

Stay tuned for a reply....
I have such a difficult time registering here and login....you should see my name 3 times in the membership list, will you check it, KH? Gosh, I know this is the only one I can make probably.

Anyway, I did buy a processor, a GE 9 cup (least they had) 4 speed. I have not had a chance to try it, will tomorrow. The manual reads agreeable with my needs. I surely am happy about it.

I have Some Beef Sirloin Tip Steaks, thin cut, what do you suggest a common and moderate way to cook these now. Later I can dress them up for company.

Thanks, hope I can get back in. Check my names in the list, please, I think I am still coming thru as a guest :(
Hi Raindrop,

I have a question - when you log on the page should look like this: (of course color is different but this information should be displayed.

Enter your Username and Password to login.
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Are you clicking on the box that says "log me on automatically each visit? If not, you should check it and you shouldn't have to log on each time. If DiscussCooking is listed in your Favorites and you click on it you should automatically be logged on without doing anything.

(did all that make sense???) Just be sure and click on the box so there is a check mark.
Hi Raindrop!

About those sirloin tips - do you like curry? Asian? Good ol' Southern? (meaning just with gravy over rice)....I think you gave me an idea for dinner tonght!! LOL

Give me an idea of your likes and I'll take it from there, ok?
My hubby is a 'Southern Gentleman' so why don't we go with that.

I've never cooked this particular meat, cuz when I think something is going to be tough or stringee, I don't buy it. LOL e.g. chuck roast, course meat, however, since I got my processor, may be able to expand to those choices.
Beef Tips (stew beef)

Here's how I do mine Raindrop,

Cut into 1" cubes then toss in some flour that has been seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

Heat some oil in a pot and saute on all sides. Add enough water to cover by an inch (at this point be sure and loosen the bits that have stuck to the bottom of the pot - they add tremendous flavor) or so and enough beef boullion (sometimes I do 1/2 beef and 1/2 chicken) to flavor water. But don't overdo it as it will become more flavorful while the meat cooks. Once tips are tender and falling apart then re-season broth. That's it - then you can finely chop for your husband and serve with rice, mashed potatoes, or egg noodles.

I usually use beef broth mixed with water versus beef beef or chicken boullion - Campbell's French Onion Soup makes a good base too!!! You can also add some red wine and small carmelized onions for a more "bourguignon" type dish but much simpler!

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