What's to eat for Wednesday? 20th March '24

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Jul 11, 2013
I tried another new recipe today. It's a fusion dish called a Dhansak Bake. Basically, a cross between a Beef Dhansak and a Cottage pie. And jolly delicious it was - proper comfort food. I took a pic before I put it in the oven, but forgot to take one before diving in ... oh well, you get the gist!
Dhansak Bake - unbaked.jpg

Dhansak Bake - Baked.jpg
I did beef stirfry with veges , carrots and onions fro wifes garden. Last of oyster sauce so I need to replace.
Plate scraped with fresh buttered bread. Tacky I know? Lol

It might be tacky in a fancy resto, but at home? Nah. Heck, you didn't lick the plate.
We went to a Greek restaurant called Bobby's Downtown in Fairbanks. Honestly, I am unsure what others had but I had fresh halibut, perfectly broiled, with vegetables and blueberry creme brule.

We had other things on this trip that we had never tried before. Like duck farts. It's a drink where Bailey's, kalua, and whiskey are layered in a shot glass. It was surprisingly tasty.

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