Whirlpool Refrigerator Recommendations?

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Feb 25, 2007
Hello All;
I am in the market for a new refrigerator. I have actually been looking on and off for a few years but have always been turned off by various user reports on the internet that report problems.

After talking to various people including my mother, I am pretty convinced that Whirlpool is a good brand to get. I am interested in the French Door, bottom freezer model with ice and water thorugh the door. I am considering the two models below ...




Couple of questions ...

1. Is Whirlpool a reliable brand to consider for French Door Refrigerators and one that is built pretty durably ?

2. There aren't many reviews out yet perhaps because these modelas are fairly new in the marketplace but for the few reviews that are out, some say these models are great, and a few others report that the refrigerator doesn't get cool and has caused spoiled food and another reports that food was freezing in the refrigerator portion. Should these reviews be reason for concern ?

Thanks for your thoughts.

The only question I can answer is if those reviews should be a reason for concern. My opinion is that no matter what product you are talking about, there will always be a few that make it out that are not up to spec. There will always be people who have problems with their unit. When reading reviews, what I do is look at the negative reviews first. If I find a lot of negative reviews about the same issue then I know it is a concern and not a fluke. It there is just a small percentage who have a problem, but the rest of the reviews have never had that problem then I feel safe in taking the gamble that I will not get a dud.
Whirlpool has been a reliable brand. One or two companies make all the parts for most fridges out there. I gotta agree with GB's advice.
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