Your eating style - relaxed or frenzied?

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Aug 24, 2004
da 'burgh
i'm as extreme a leisurely eater as you could imagine. my whole family is like this, i think because we ate at the table as us kids were growing up and spent just as much time chatting and laughing and griping as we did eating.
sometimes i'll leave my plate and then realize like 15 minutes later that i was eating. (i fully blame the blonde highlights for that! :D )
this can pose a problem at restaurants when i'm out with my boyfriend. but he's learning that a meal out means at least an hour at the table and an hour or 2 at the bar. it's taken 5 years, but he's finally pacing himself as he eats his meal.
it's not so much an isssue when i'm with the ladies, since we all kind of spend more time gossiping and reminiscing and laughing and sipping margaritas than we do eating.
so, do you eat like someone is gonna steal you plate away from you or does it take you an hour to finish a steak? either way, why? time constraints, or a calm nature?
If I am working at home.. it's very relaxed... if it's breakfast before I leave for work, it's a quick pop tart, etc.
luvsfood.........I was always the last to leave the table....slow eater. But I have to confess my littlest one is worse than me. I would rather enjoy my meal where hubby devores his......his head basically doesn't come up till the plate is clean, which can be frustrating and embarrassing at times. He's aware of it but doesn't seem to make an effort to change. But I guess with is work he only has 1/2 hour for lunch and has to go out to eat so he's rush rush and can't seem to adjust when he's at home or out to eat. But I love to go out to eat and take my time and chit chat and thoroughly enjoy the meal. Thankfully when we went out last Friday we went to Red Lobster and had their all you can eat shrimp so by the time I was almost done with mine he was still working on his second helping. I think we were there for like an hour now that I think about it and the service was pretty quick..........hey chaulk one up for hubby maybe he did slow down and come up for air :D
i can identify, sizzlin.
i have to kick my love at fancy restaurants and at the sushi bar when he gets too enthused about eating. we'll be all dressed up in our nicest clothes eating things we can't pronounce and he'll start devouring it. he often gets that look that means, 'i am going to SCREAM if you don't STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!!!!

(that look)
i am a fast eater im always on the run lol, but if im with like family and friends i would be eating slowly and relaxed

Im usually very relaxed. I tend to eat in front of the tv in the kitchen..When in a hurry I eat standing up.
I actually fall into both categories. Sometime when the food is just sooo good I find myself eating pretty fast. I can't wait to taste the next bite. When I realize I am doing this then I do try to slow down. This usually only happens when I am only with my wife for some reason. When we are with a group of people and there is a lot of conversation then I tend to slow down quite a bit.
When I was a teen, I had a reputation for putting away a lot of food, fast. As a result, I've had a pot belly ever since I was a kid.

Around about the time I turned 20, I realized that my eating habits weren't really healthy. I made a concious effort to slow down my eating, and to eat only what I needed, not to just "pig out".

Nowadays, I try to eat slowly, and relaxed. I want to enjoy my food.
middie said:
slow eater here too. i hate scarfing food cause then i end up not feeling to good.

the other day i had to hurry to eat so i could take care of the baby. i inhaled 6 slices of pizza in about 8 minutes, with a quart of iced tea. i felt like i had swollen a rock. it took hours to not feel so stuffed. but then i had ice cream... :D
I have been known to be on my third helping before the rest are done with ther first. I got this habit from my time at the Bighouse. We had to eat on the run. However I do like to sit alone in a Restaurant with a book or Newspaper and eat in a liesurely manner. I am getting better at eating and talking at the same time. :LOL:
I tend to do most things (walk, talk, etc.) very fast, but I am a pretty slow eater. For one thing, I usually like my food so hot it blisters my mouth (I don't know why I am like that), so I can't eat too fast. Also, I like to savor the flavors of what I am eating.

:) Barbara
Relaxed! My husband always complains that I take forever to eat lol! If we go out I'm still busy with my starter when he gets to pudding!
I tend to do most things (walk, talk, etc.) very fast, but I am a pretty slow eater. For one thing, I usually like my food so hot it blisters my mouth (I don't know why I am like that), so I can't eat too fast. Also, I like to savor the flavors of what I am eating.

:) Barbara

I do that too! I want my hot food "piping hot" and my cold food "ice cold"
My mom says I've got a stainless steel throat :LOL:
I wouldn't say I was a fast eater, but I probably eat like I drive. I like to get to where I'm going. I relax after dinner, not during. Unless I'm eating out with someone.
If I'm eating alone, I tend to be doing something else at the same time. Reading, online or watching TV.

If I'm eating with SO, I'll always be the last one to finish.

If I'm eating with a group, I tend to be moderate in pace. Usually not the first or last one done.

If I'm really enjoying a meal, I tend to take smaller bites so it will last longer.
My DH and I are complete opposites. He eats like he's never going to be fed again and I eat like I've got till Christmas to finish lol! My Daughter eats slow and my son eats fast. Guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;0)
lol, wow, what an old thread. my "baby" is almost 5 feet tall and over 100 pounds now.

and i still eat pizza too fast. :(

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