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Being me, I did not read the whole post and did not see the gout part. Strange, I too have gout. And I do not fit into any profiles. I do not eat red meat; I do not drink red wine, or almost any alcohol, no fatty foods either. As the matter of fact, I have a friend, young guy, health freak big time, he too has gout. I had a consultation with Mayo clinic doctor and he told me that even though all of those things may contribute to the problem, the fact is medical community is coming to agree that it is not the real cause. Maybe 100 years ago, when one’s diet would contain only organ meats (for example), but today nobody eats like that. And food really do not play role in gout. It is just how your body is working. Of course, there ways to help, like drink a lot of water, stay of your feet, take it easy. Take very hot bath, or at least put your feet into hot water and rest for half an hour or so.
Well, anyway, just switch to tilapia.
You are what you eat.
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Originally Posted by jennyema
I found this: "Avoiding alcohol, high-purine foods, such as meat, fish, dry beans (also lentils and peas), mushrooms, spinach, asparagus, and cauliflower can lower plasma urate levels. In addition, consuming purine-neutralizing foods, such as fresh fruits (especially cherries and strawberries) and most fresh vegetables, diluted celery juice, distilled water, and B-complex and C vitamins can also help lower plasma urate levels."

Wow! All the stuff I like can cause gout!

Anyway, Sizz, perhaps he should avoid fish altogether?
So True: Duck/Orange....Lamb/Mint....Fish/Lemon....Turkey/Cranberry.....it can be a side dish.
Strawberry Short Cake Melon Coolers........
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." --- Thomas Edison
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Thanks everyone! I'm def. going to use the tilapia in its place.
Se non supporta il calore, vattene dalla cucina!
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