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Old 09-10-2006, 03:15 AM   #61
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thanks so much for all the advice.

especially waking me up to the government and con artists trying to rip you out of your money.
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Again, I am just trying to help you, man!

But -- ChefJen is right. There are a whole lot of scenarios where you could get in trouble. Like a WHOLE lot.

What if your peppers had pesticides on them, unbenonced to you? What if the interior of your bottles had a chemical on them that you didn't know about? Sterilization won't help you there.

Nor would it help you if a speck of glass mistakenly got in the sauce, or a bug, or some hair or another foreign object. Or some other substance somehow got in there by mistake.

Or, like jen says, the bottle lost its seal. Or was left in a very hot place after being shipped.

What if you didn't list all the ingredients and someone had a bad allergic reaction?

If you make someone sick you are in very, very big trouble. Like it could be $1million lawsuit trouble. There is a lot more to damages than medical bills. And, like Andy said, if you don't comply with the laws, particularly health laws, you are both in trouble with the government and there will be fines, but you also provide incriminating evidence against yourself that the plaintiff's lawyer will have a very fun time with.

And, like someone else pointed out, you don't even need to hurt someone badly or hurt them at all to get sued. Then you have to pay for a lawyer and go to court, which is $$, in addition to possibly paying damages for mecial bills, lost wages, distress, etc.

"Going naked" (<--- in our business, going without liability insurance) is very, very ill advised. Not complying with all applicable laws is like eating garlic preserved in oil, only it is highly likely that you'll be caught -- more likely the more successful you become.
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Old 09-12-2006, 09:10 AM   #63
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Legs, good luck on your venture. i noticed on a previous post that you were looking for bottles. http://www.specialtybottle.com/index.asp is a good sight for hot sauce bottles, look under glass/sauce bottles. if you order less than a case (120 bottles) it's $0.57 a bottle, but is $0.49 per bottle for a case or more and they even have drip caps that work perfect for hot sauce. Didn't see that on other sites, and I have ordered from them in the past.

Maybe you could get your start by just selling to friends and family (who probably wouldn't sue if there are any problems) and just shoot for the 120 bottle mark. at $5 a bottle that's $600, not bad pocket change.
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One other concern occurred to me in the middle of the night. If I understand correctly, your family owns a facility that is used for swap meets or farmers markets and so forth.

If you are a partner or part owner of that, or if your name is on the deed, you need to incorporate your hot-sauce enterprise as a separate company. If you don't and instead operate as a d.b.a., the assets of the family business might be vulnerable. That is, if someone were to successfully sue you over the hot sauce, the property could be seized and sold as part of the judgment against you.

Even if that's a remote possibility, you still need to protect against it. Incorporation isn't expensive.
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OMG, OMG, I love hot sauce

Texas Pete is mah favorite !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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