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We have lost another child in our community. We have buried over twenty children since 2005. Their deaths were tragic. With each funeral, we promise ourselves, this will be the last.
This week (Thursday), a son and his father lost their lives in a horrible house fire.
We are a small community. The only recognition that we have received is being the best town in America to raise a child.
We don't have to deal with too many criminal issues here. If you want trouble, you have to travel to find it.
This child was planning to attend seminary after graduation. He wanted to be a minister. His father worked at the hospital for 33 years.
There has been so much art on the memorial bulletin board at the school.
You never have to look far to find a good child in this town.....it's just a matter of how many you are looking to find.


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That is so sad.


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Stirblue, I am sorry for your community's loss. I know the pain you must all be going through. I am sorry. I, too, come from a small community. This past week we have lost four kids (ages 14, 15, 16, 17) with four more in the hospital (14, 14, 15, 16) due to a one-car accident. My daughter knew two of these kids very well. At age 14 she attended her first wake of her 14-year old friend. Her other friend is in the hospital fighting for his legs. Pray for that child and his family and his community. I am sorry Stirblue, truly I am.
Michele Marie
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Terrible. HOuse fires have become so much more common it seems to me--we are in a large city and have had many and in very high income areas. And when tragedy strikes over and over, it is particularly hard.
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YOu know it seems that Cleveland is having an awful lot of fires with lives lost too. It's very sad, as a lot of them could have survived had they had smoke detectors that worked. And even worse alot of them are started by arsonists. So uncalled for. Very tragic. My heart goes out to everyone in your community Stirblue.
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Thank you for sharing your story. This is really sad for the parents and everyone in your community.

Jill and Jolie
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I am so sorry for the loss in your area. 20 children dying in 2 years is mind boggling. I can't imagine the pain you all are suffering.

There are quite a few house fires in the Atlanta area also and they could have been avoided with some help. Usually it is poor people or the homeless that are just trying to keep warm by candles or leaving the oven on all night. Those space heaters seem deadly too.

Fire terrifies me!
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That is such terrible news.
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Seeing this topic made me think of my own town this week, with our flags at half staff as well. I live in the same town as Michellemarie, and it is just reeling from the loss of those 4 kids and the terrible injuries of the others from the accident she mentioned. All of a sudden our little town has taken on a very solemn demeanor, reflecting on the young lives snuffed out or changed so drastically by one terrible incident. What a difference this one horrible accident has made.

Losing over 20 young people in 2 years must really change the atmosphere of your town too, StirBlue. How tragic.


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