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Sunday Special - Anatomy Class

Sunday Special - Anatomy Class

1. The smallest bone in the body is located in the ____ .
2. The more formal name for the "Tail-bone" is _____.
3. The shoulder muscles are called _____.
4. Largest tendon in the body is the _____.
5. The large artery in the neck......
6. Blood Type of a "Universal" Donor....
7. Where in the body is the Pituitary Gland located ?
8. Female Sex Hormone.....
9. A more common name for the Gustatory organs is _______.
10. Where Bile is made...
11. Where Bile is stored...
12. The "jelly" known as Vitreous Humor is located in the ____.
13. More common name for the Tympanic Membrane.....
14. What a fertilized egg is called......
15. This connects the eye to the brain...
1. Ear
2. Coccyx
3. Deltoids
4. The Achilles Tendon
5. Carotid
6. Type O - Negative
7. In the Skull, at the base of the brain
8. Estrogen
9. Taste Buds
10. Liver
11. Gallbladder
12. Eye
13. Ear Drum
14. Zygote
15. Optic Nerve

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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Missed Deltoids, and oopsed and said Aorta instead of carotid. Otherwise I got 'em all.
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Boy, am I stupid. Some answers, after I read them, kinda made me think, gee I learned that somewhere, some time.
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