Sunday Special - Either/Or

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Sunday Special - Either / or

1. The Huguenots were.....
a. - Catholic
b. - Protestant
2. When Yuna Kim won the Gold Medal in Women's Figure Skating at the 2010 Winter Olympics, she became the first person to win a figure skating medal for what Asian country?
a. - South Korea
b. - North Korea
3. To what Shakespeare play does the Mel Brooks film 'To Be or Not to Be' allude?
a. - MacBeth
b. - Hamlet
4. If you were to mix together the colours that appear on their respective flags, which nation's flag would result in the colour green being produced?
a. - Sweden
b. - Poland
5. Andy Rooney retired as a journalist from the television program "60 Minutes". Which American network did he work for?
a. - NBC
b. - CBS
6. In Christopher Marlowe's play "Doctor Faustus", what is the eventual fate of the title character?
a. - Repents and goes to Heaven
b. - Is dragged off to Hell
7. As opposed to the literary Classical Latin, what name do historians give to the various forms of "common speech" Latin that were spoken by many populations?
a. - Secular Latin
b. - Vulgar Latin
8. One of the largest waterfalls in the world, this waterfall lies on the Zambezi River, and was discovered by Dr. David Livingstone ...
a. - Victoria Falls
b. - Angel Falls
9. This cultural anthropologist is famous for his or her groundbreaking work on sex roles. His or her most well known book is "Coming of Age in Samoa". Who is this person?
a. - Margaret Mead
b. - Margaret Mitchell
10. Where in London is the Christmas tree displayed that is given to the City of London every year by the Norwegians?
a. - Piccadilly Circus
b. - Trafalgar Square.
11. Who signed the Pact of Steel with Adolf Hitler?
a. - Japan
b. - Italy
12. How often would an event that is "biennial" take place?
a. Once every two years
b. Twice a year
13. What is a taikonaut?
a. - a Japanese Astronaut
b. - a Chinese Astronaut
14. Who wrote the songs, 'Here Comes The Sun', 'Piggies', and 'Something'?
a. - George Harrison
b. - Lennon and McCartney
15. The UN Charter was decided on and signed during an international conference in 1945. Where was the conference held?
a. - New York City
b. - San Francisco
1. - b
2. - a
3. - b
4. - a
5. - b
6. - b
7. - b
8. - a
9. - a
10. - b
11. - b
12. a
13. - b
14. - b
15. - b

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