Calbee Jagarico Flavor Potato Snack - Umami Seaweed & The Sukiyaki flavor reviews....

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Nov 8, 2004

Back to the small Asian food store for this item and the Umami Seaweed one was the fourth flavor I tried.

Same potato item and shape as before.

This one sure did look like it had some seaweed flavor to it.

I just did not like this flavor that much at all.

A thumbs in the middle for me.

Onto the Sukiyaki flavor review.....​


This is the final flavor I picked up which was 4 more flavors than what I was able to find at the mall.

This one is supposed to have some beef flavor and other flavors at all.

Did not really get the beef flavor here or much of anything here.

A thumbs in the middle for me here.

I say the best one was the Hokkaido Butter one.


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