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Teaching Children - Play With your Food

As a young child, I was always being scolded by my Mom- "Don't play with your food!" When I had grease on my fingers from fried chicken, I'd rub my index finger against my thumb, experiencing the difference between static and Kinetic friction, gaining a knowledge that with respect to each other, to objects in contact took more energy to start moving than it took to keep them moving as they slid across each other. Of course I'd never heard the terms static, kinetic, or even friction yet. But I was learning.

With ice cream.I learned early that if I stirred the ice cream in my bowl, it would get softer, and creamy in my mouth, not give me ice cream headaches, and taste better. I didn't know why, but I knew the results of my actions. Again I was scolded for playing with my foos.

The point of this is that as I grew older, and was trained in physiology, chemistry, physics.math, and even Statics, ans strengths of materials, those concepts I learned by playing with my food had built a foundation for more complex ideas, making them easier to understand. My I.Q. was improved though play. i taught my own children to play with food, such as inserting a plastic straw into a hot, hot dog, and removing a small plug of meat, then sucking it through the straw and into their mouths, showing them that that they had to place their thumbs over the open side to the straw to make it work, or their wouldn't be sufficient vacuum to dislodge the meat from the hot dog. They were learning about pressure differentials, and they didn't even know it. By the way, all of my kiss are high I.Q. and experts int their professional fields.

so, go ahead, let them play with their food.. Who knows, you could be training the next Einstein.

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