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Thanks, RB. We were told that the whole panel one does need to be replaced. They also told us we could install individual breakers/protectors and those work like a breaker, you can flip them back on. But they want a small fortune for one of those.
You can buy and install for yourself a whole house surge protector. But you must open the panel and you must add another breaker/surge protector. The surge protector uses a breaker space and should be positioned at the top of the panel.
The one for my panel was about $80 last I checked.
And remember one thing and remember it well.
"There is nothing known to man that can protect from a DIRECT lighting strike".
I'll bet that Amana is still going!

I did not know they need replacing! I'll have to check with my son - perhaps I should be shopping!
I do use my laptop in various places and on an extension cord when needed. I never leave it plugged in on those during the night. The one most often used is a surge protector thing and I will leave it on that if necessary.

We often have quite a few blackout plus what they call brownouts - where the power flickers off and then right back on. I figure that's not only bad for everything but extremely annoying for the few digitals that need to be reset each time.
The best bet for you would be a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). While not practical for peripheral equipment it is great for a stand-alone PC and router.

Power Company.
Daughters live in another city, another province - took me forever to figure out what the heck EPCOR was. I thought for some strange reason they were saying EPCOT which completely stumped me. :LOL: Theirs is one big lump of electricity, gas and water.
taxy, even here, I have a hard time as I keep referring to Hydro, whereas it is called Just Energy. They are both electricity and gas. Not sure about the water but probably not as it is the city that collects the tax for it.
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