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Trivia 3/10

trivia 3/10
Sound travels almost 5 times faster underwater than in air.
1. What 50's country star was called the "Hillbilly Shakespeare" ?
2. Name that Band;
John Bonham, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant...
3. Which city is farther north, Portland, Oregon or Bangor, Maine ?
4. Who Said That ??
"Knowledge is Power"
5. Can you name the three "Top Forty" recording artists who co-starred with John Wayne in the 1959 Western Classic, Rio Bravo
6. Name the only major city that rests on two continents.
7. What's the normal human body temperature in Celsius / Centigrade scale degrees ?
8. What is the more formal first name of pianist "Fats" Domino ?
On December 25, 1973, somewhere over Washington State, skyjacker D. B. Cooper and his ill-gotten $300,000 disappeared forever.
1. Hank Williams
2. Led Zeppelyn
3. Portland, Oregon
4. Francis Bacon
5. Dean Martin, Ricky Nelson and Walter Brennan
6. Istanbul
7. 37
8. Antoine
....................................he didn't bail out with quite that much, and the date is wrong.
D. B. Cooper (aka Dan Cooper), around midnight on November 24 / 25, 1971, after receiving a ransom payout of US $200,000, jumped from the back of a Boeing 727 as it was flying over the Pacific Northwest of the United States, somewhere over the Cascade Mountains, possibly over Woodland, Washington.
His body was never found, and only $5,880 of the ransom has been recovered. The skyjacking continues to have an impact on popular culture, including references to or inspiration by Cooper in books, film, and music.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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