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Trivia 4/12

trivia 4/12
Annual flu viruses (not including flu pandemics) infect up to 20% of Americans, put 200,000 in the hospital with flu-related complications, and kill about 36,000 people.

1. What was the first expansion team to win a world series ?
2. What's the name for fertilizer produced from bird droppings ?
3. who had a 1950's song hit with "make the world go away"?
4. the area known as the Amazon basin is located primarily in what country?
5. what sort of critter comes in a "grunt" variety?
6. which four U.S. states are the major providers of grapefruit?
7. which 40's orchestra had as it's theme song, "moonlight serenade?
8. which of our planets has no moons?
(Hint; there are two...)
Harland Sanders became famous thanks to his experimentation with the
pressure cooker.
1. New York Mets, 1969
2. Guano
5. fish
6. Florida, California, Texas and Arizona *
7. Glenn miller orchestra
Harland, aka colonel sanders, started his successful fried chicken franchise
in 1952, perfecting the time it took to prepare the famous "fried chicken"
while maintaining its unique flavor.
but years before that, he was marketing his deep-fat, pressure cooker to
diners and restaurants throughout the south, where he would demonstrate the
speedy cooking technique. servers could get a fried chicken order to the
customer's table in less than half the time it took with traditional
the final, coveted recipe for "Kentucky fried chicken" is locked in a vault
in Louisville, where only a few people (sworn to secrecy) know the actual
ingredients of the multi-million dollar recipe.

*FYI....... as of year end 2007, these four states were supplying 31 % of the world's production.. LT

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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