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Help Me Prepare Roast for Grilling

ok heres my problem, i recently bought a new charcoal grill and have been cooking out on wednesdays, so today i bought a 20 pound top round beef roast to try and cook on my new grill.... any suggestions......any marinades,? will i need to put it in some sort of alluminum pan so it doesnt dry out? any tips at all would be greatly appreciated.......

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Twenty pounds is way too big to cook in one piece on the grill or in the oven. I'd cut it into 4 5-pound roasts and cook them.

You can use a marinade or a dry rub. The flavors should be based on what you and your guests like best.

I'd apply a rub, wrap the meat in plastic and refrigerate overnight. Before cooking, bring the meat to room temperature and roast at 400F until done to your desired degree of doneness. Use an instant read or remote probe thermometer to determine doneness.

Yes, use pans to hold the meat on the grill.
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Because the top round is so lean and tends to be on the tough side, I would really recommend a slow, moisture induced cooking process such as braising. I wouldn't recommend any dry heat cooking methods for this cut.

If however, you are set on grilling it, you do need to cut it down to smaller pieces like Andy suggested, and take it low and slow.
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If you know how to bard a roast, knock yourself out. If not, and this isn't the optimum method, you could cut it into quarters season, then layer it with bacon and roast over indirect heat.

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well i did it whole, slow cooking over indirect heat, using charcoal and applewood , the whole time injecting it with my marinade of garlic and herb, orange juice, red wine, worchester, and assorted seasonings, after about 2 and a half hours i put it in an alluminum pan to collect the juices after about 4 hours i layered the top with a pound of bacon..... after about five hours i sliced it up in the drippings and reduced over a higher heat..... was a huge hit, the whole roast was consumed in a big way......was very tender, with a smoke ring like ya get when ya do a brisket......delicious....anyone else have a slow roasting- smoking project, i can try wed. is my day off and i like all day cooking.....
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