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Buffalo Hunting

I get to go on a buffalo hunt Tues 11/11 in Central Ks. I know I have great odds of getting a cow, but afterwards is what I am wondering about....
Processing to get the best cuts of meat and tips on something I may not think about...brats, rib eyes, roast, of course ground, but just wondering if anyone out there can advise on some better ways to plan on getting it all prepared and used best...

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Welcome to DC --- I'm sure one of the organizers/sponsers/guides etc of the hunt can provide you with ideas, and a local processor that can cut and wrap the meat to your specifications!!

Good Luck!!
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Uncle Bob offers good advice. Ask the outfitter/guide to provide the names and phone numbers of local processors (usually local butcher shop), and get their prices for processing your catch, as well as lead time for them to get it back to you (you don't need financial surprises after you harvest an animal). A good processor will provide you options for packaging (steaks, chops, sausage, ground meat, etc), and will have it all packaged, labeled and blast frozen. Also, be prepared to store your catch when you get it home. A buffalo can range from 1,500# - 2,000# on the hoof, and can yield 1/2 that weight in packaged product. You will need freezer space for all of it, or have previous arrangements to share the meat when it hits your doorstep. There are non-profit organizations that will be happy to take part of your catch and use it local food pantries, but they also must be contacted BEFORE you leave for your hunt so they will be prepared to store it when it gets there.

You only have a day to get this done, so you need to hustle.

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You can get the same cuts as you get from a cow. Here are some examples, here where I live they always want to grind up the whole bison. Also if you want you can have them cut you some ribs have them cut in half since they are really long and to also leave some meat on those ribs.
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As has been mentioned - you get the same cuts of meat from a Bison (American Buffalo) as a Cow. Roasts, steaks, etc.

Your guide/outfitter has connections to a butcher who can take care of the butchering for you. That's part of what they do on canned hunts like this. Ask them.
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