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Sunday Special - Oh, "K!"

Sunday Special - Oh, "K" !

Random Questions today, with all the correct answers beginning with the
letter K ...

1. Name the marsupial of Australia that lives in eucalyptus trees and eats
the leaves.
2. Name the flightless bird of New Zealand which has a long flexible bill.
3. Name the sacred book of Islam.
4. What is the surname of the American comic silent-film actor who starred
in the film, "The General" (1926)?
5. Name the world's second highest peak also known as Godwin Austen.
6. What is the surname of the American film actress who retired from the
screen after marrying Prince Rainier of Monaco in 1956?
7. Name the television program about the crime fighting adventures of a
rebuilt ex-policeman, named Michael Knight, and his talking automobile Kitt.)
8. Which county in the south-east of England has Maidstone as its County
Town and which also has Norman cathedrals at Canterbury and Rochester?
9. What fierce, predatory, black and white, toothed marine mammal, lives in
all of the world's oceans, especially in the colder regions?
10. The Greek-American Telly Savalas took on which television role as which
New York homicide cop?
11. What is the second highest mountain in Africa, Mount ______?
12. What is the German name for the city of Cologne?
13. Name the large kingfisher of Australia whose call resembles fiendish
14. Name the surname of the classical British violinist, noted for his
version of Vivaldi's 'The Four Seasons', Nigel ______.
15. This country's flag has at its centre the yin-yang symbol which
signifies the opposing forces of nature, South _____.
16. In contrast to Japanese 'Noh drama' which was for the nobility, this was
the theatre of the common people.
17. Which large African antelope found south of the Sahara has a male which
bears long, spiral horns?
18. Name the military religious order who protected routes to Jerusalem for
Christians during the Crusades.
19. Name the former capital of Japan, which lasted as capital for more than
a thousand years.
20. What is the full name of the New Zealand operatic soprano who performed
at Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding?
21. Which British group had number one hits with; 'Sunny Afternoon' (1966),
'You Really Got Me' (1964) and 'Tired of Waiting for You' (1965), The
22. In which television program did David Carradine play Kwai Chang Caine,
a shaven-headed Sino-American Shaolin priest who wandered the Old West in
search of his long-lost brother and wisdom?
23. Which British male vocalist had British hits called 'Everyone's Gone to
the Moon' (1965) and 'Una Paloma Blanca' (1975), Jonathan _____?
24. Name the title of the 1886 book by Robert Louis Stevenson.
25. What's the surname of the English impresario who originated or refined
many influential slapstick routines including the custard pie in the face,
Fred ______.
1. Koala
2. Kiwi
3. Koran
4. Keaton
5. K2
6. Kelly
7. Knight Rider
8. Kent
9. Killer Whale
10. Kojak
11. Kenya
12. Koln
13. Kookaburra
14. Kennedy
15. Korea
16. Kabuki
17. Kudu
18. Knights Templar
19. Kyoto
20. Kiri Te Kanawa
21. Kinks
22. Kung Fu
23. King
24. Kidnapped
25. Karno

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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