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Trivia 1/23

trivia 1/23
The majority of Bank Robberies in the USA occur on Friday.

1. Only one item was salvaged from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald ; what
was it !
2. How many Tablespoons equal one cup ? (U.S.Measure)
3. According to Microsoft, what does the 'XP' in Windows XP stand for?
4. How many teeth does a standard bottle cap have ?
a. – 18
b. – 21
c. – 24
d. - 27
5. Strange Words are These ;
Can you define "anaphalantiasis ?
a. - Loss of Eyebrows
b. - Loss of Under-arm Hair
c. - Loss of pubic Hair
d. - Hair growth on the Soles of the foot
6. How many No-Hitters did Nolan Ryan throw in his career ?
a. - 5
b. - 6
c. - 7
d. - 8
7. If you were in Australia and someone gave you an Akubra, what would you
do with it ?
a. - Eat It
b. - Wear It
c. - Plant It
d. - Feed It
8. The majority of reported BSE (Mad Cow Ddiseasecases have occurred in
which country?
(Bonus; what does BSE stand for ?)

There was an “Andy Griffith Show” episode in which Opie worried about
Horatio, a ‘Half a Boy”...
1. the Ship’s Bell
2. – 16
3. e’XP’erience
4. – b
5. - a
6. - c
7. - b ; It's a Hat
8. The United Kingdom
(Bovine spongiform encephalopathy )

In "The Andy Griffith Show" Andy tried to explain to Opie that he should
give more money to charity because for (paraphrasing) "every square mile
there are two and a half boys who go hungry". Opie asked who the half a boy
was. Andy replied, "There's no half a boy. It's a ratio." Opie replied,
"Poor Horatio." Andy said, "Forget about the half a boy." Opie said, "That's
a hard thing to forget." Opie went away worried about Horatio, the half a

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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