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Trivia 3/8

trivia 3/8
During the War of 1812, more soldiers died of disease than were killed in
1. What is the meaning of the word "gospel"?
2. On New Year's Eve 1997, Michael Le Moyne Kennedy, son of Robert F.
Kennedy, died tragically. How did his death occur?
3. What do you call clouds of interstellar dust and gas?
4. A reduction of which chemical in hair follicles causes greying of hair?
5. Plants always grow their roots down toward the earth and grow their stem
up towards the sun. What is the name for the two properties of the plant (in
order) that cause this?
6. What is the capital of Brazil?
7. What is the term for one followed by 100 zeros ?
8. In what year did Apollo Thirteen experience the damage that forced a
return to earth ?

Jay Silverheels, the Native American who played Tonto on TV's 'The Lone
Ranger', was born 'Harold Smith'.
1. Good News
2. Skiing Accident
3. Nebulae
4. Melanin
5. Geotropism and phototropism
6. Brasilia
7. Googol
8. 1970

Harold J. Smith was born on the Six Nations Indian Reserve in Ontario,
Canada in 1912. His father was a Canadian Mohawk tribal chief and a military
Harry Smith excelled in athletics and lacrosse in particular before leaving
home to travel around North America. In the 1930s, he played indoor lacrosse
with the "Iroquois" of Rochester, N.Y.

His show business breakthrough came in 1937 when he was playing on a touring
lacrosse team in Los Angeles. Joe E. Brown saw him and was impressed with
his athleticism, and encouraged the young Mohawk to do a screen test.

He began with bit parts in a number of Westerns and low-budget features such
as serials in 1937. His first appearances were billed as Harry Smith, then
he adopted his screen name from his lacrosse nickname and became "Jay
He will always be remembered as the Lone Ranger's "faithful Indian
companion," Tonto as he spent eight years and more than 200 episodes in that

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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