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Trivia 9/9

trivia 9/9
Of the 3 million soldiers in the Civil War, 1% were regular army, 9% were
draftees or substitutes**, and the rest were volunteers.

1. We call the game 'Checkers' : What do the British call it ?
2. Who was the world's first Afro-American Heavyweight Champion ?
3. A coffee drink prepared with equal parts of espresso, hot milk and firm
milk froth,the name is derived from a group of friars.
Question is, how do you spell it ?
4. Definition;
An impromptu portrayal without rehearsal or preparation...
5. In France what sort of critter is a Grenouille ?
6. While Joseph was imprisoned in Egypt, he interpreted the dreams of two
men. The first was a cupbearer and the other was what?
a. - Pickpocket
b. - Pharaoh
c. - Baker
d. - Jailer
7. While touring Birmingham in England, you are urged to visit the
campanile, said to be the largest in the world. What is a campanile?
8. What three countries make up the largest of Britain's islands ?
** Substitutes were soldiers that were paid to take the place of a drafted rich person...

In Aztec Mythology, the Gods of Drunkenness are Rabbits.
1. Draughts
2. Jack Johnson
3. Cappuccino
4. improvisation
5. Frog
6. - c
7. A Bell tower
8. England, Scotland and Wales

Once upon a time, as all good stories begin, there was an Aztec Goddess
named Mayahuel. One night she shared a night of passion with Patecatl, the
God of healing and fertility (she should have got some clue from that
really). He was also a Pulque God and the discoverer of peyote.
The result of this union was 400 rabbits. In Aztec mythology, they are known
as the Centzon Tototchin, 'The Gods of Drunkenness'. In order to feed her
brood, Mayahuel was blessed
with 400 breasts, from which flowed pulque.
Pulque was reserved for the elder people of the tribe, as the young couldn’t
handle its potency. As a note of historical interest, it is also said that
it was used to “ease the pain” of sacrificial victims – I think it would
take a pretty heavy sedative to numb that kind of pain, so it gives you some
idea as to the strength of this elixir.
As you can imagine, they all loved nothing better than mischief and
merry-making. There is a fairly sad ending to all this debauchery though.
One day, the rabbits made the mistake of killing Huitzilopochtli, who was
the mother of the God of War and the Moon, and he showed no mercy. He
embarked on a rampage, decapitating some, ripping out the hearts of others,
and generally going berzerk until all of the Centzon Tototchin were dead.
The myth of this bloodbath is also thought to have been how the Aztecs came
to justify their ritual human sacrifices.

“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.”
― Mahatma Gandhi
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