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About salt - thought you may be interested

Hi folks!

During my meanderings on the web about - guess what? - Food!, I came across this article on salt. I'm sure many of you will already know all about this, but for those who don't, here's the link:

Ask The Food Lab: Do I Need to Use Kosher Salt? | Serious Eats

di reston

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I read this the other day. It's the most sensible article I've read on the topic.
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Thank you Di.

I was trying to explain salts to a friend and was really bungling the job. I'm usually pretty distinct in my explanations but that day I was just a blathering idiot.

I have forwarded this article on to her and hope she now understands why her dish became so salty when she used 'table salt' instead of Kosher as the recipe called for. (and why I have 4 (think it is 5 actually) different salts in my cupboard!)
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Love the Food Lab and Kenji! Always great information.

Since I do pickling and canning, I keep Pickling & Canning Salt on hand - table salt without any additives that can make the brine cloudy - which I also use for salting pasta water. I get Morton Coarse Salt out of habit and have a variety of finishing salts in a handy dandy container.
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I have always known about the iodine in some salt. I have a hypothyroid and was told years ago to use iodized salt. My sister had a goiter and always said she could taste the iodine in the salt and refused to use it.
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I keep a cellar of Guérande Fleur de Sel on my desk. It keeps me from wanting chips, etc. Chip cravings are usually just for the salt content. I have several finishing salts, use Diamond Kosher salt for cooking and baking.

If I have a recipe that demands an exact measurement for "salt", I have the Kosher salt in a grinder that I can use to get a truer measure.
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