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luckytrim 01-18-2019 11:01 AM

Trivia 1/18
trivia 1/18
adjective: ovoviviparous
(of an animal) producing young by means of eggs that are hatched within the
body of the parent, as in some snakes.

1. Seven of the Fifty are named after Kings and Queens.... Name five of them
2. In 1935, before he went to the Berlin Olympics, Jesse Owens broke three
world records in 45 minutes. Which track and field world record did he *NOT*
a. - High Jump
b. - Long Jump
c. - 220 Yard Hurdles
d. - 100 Yard Dash
3. Who Was President ??
... When Custer died at Little Big Horn
4. The alter ego of which astonishing comic book superhero is the same as
the name of the late UK royal often referred to as the people's princess?
5. Who Said That ??
"I'm so fast that last night I turned the light switch off in my bedroom and
I was in bed before the room was dark"...
6. the characters of 'Alice in Wonderland' I'm sure would like to wish you
all a "very merry ______"!
7. What does the term "bayou" mean?
8. During the Renaissance the potential of the individual was rediscovered,
and it was believed that "Man is the measure of all things". What was this
belief called?
a. - Humanism
b. - Existentialism
c. - Rationalism
d. - Idealism

Electric blankets have a negative effect on a person's quality of sleep.

1. Louisiana is named after King Louis XIV of France; Georgia is named after
King George II and King Charles I is responsible for the names of North
Carolina and South Carolina and his wife Queen Henrietta Maria is the reason
Maryland is so named. Virginia, and by extrapolation, West Virginia are
named after Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen.
2. - a
3. U. S. Grant
4. Wonder Woman
5. Muhammad Ali
6. 'Unbirthday'
7. Slow-moving River
8. - a

A person's core body temperature drops to facilitate the onset of sleep.
This means that artificial heat sources, such as electric blankets, can
negatively affect a person's quality of sleep.

It's a very 'deep' subject, but, if you want to delve 'deeper' , here's an


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