Curing cast iron grill grates with conflicting info?

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May 15, 2020
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Got a charcoal grill that uses cast iron grill grates. (I've seasoned cast iron before, but never cured as most of the pans I've bought came already cured.) The grill's website info tells me how to cure the grates. Vegetable oil, 400 degrees F, 1 hour. I did this in the oven (as it was raining and I didn't want to try curing in the rain) and it produces a good amount of smoke. After airing out the house, I worried I did it wrong, then looked at the manual I received for the same exact model/product and it said to use Crisco instead of oil, 250 degrees F, 2 hours. So after cooling the grates, I ovened them again for 2 hours at 250. Now the grates smoked less, but now they have a brown tinge. Did I cure them wrong? Is this rust?


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You're on the right track. The oil coating has be VERY light. Wipe on a small amount with a cloth then wipe off any excess. Bake in a 350ºF oven for an hour or two and allow to cool to room temp. Then repeat the process a few times. Smoking should be minimal. This is the same process as for a CI Skillet.
How many more times should I cure the CI grates before grilling with them? Could I grill with them now or do I need more coats?
I generally don't bother too much.
I will put some oil on it and then put on the grill, leave them to geat through and through and then just start using them
Oil smokes when it gets real hot so that's normal.
Most important is probably to make sure your grid is properly hot before you put anything on it, otherwise it will stick
Oil heat and use. Use use use. I don't clean mine after cooking. I wait until the next cook. I get them hot and brush them off before starting.
A good grill brush is not a lot of money.

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