1/4 piggy cook

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Nov 11, 2007
A first find for me. Went shopping for a brisket and found a 1/4 pig.


Seasoned it up and put it on Bubba at 240 till done



Flipped one time, wrapped when I liked the color and it got really tender at 185



Saved the skins for crispies later

Happy new Years!
Wow Ron fine looking partial piggy and cooking procedures. Sure aint seen none packaged like that around these parts neither.

Go ahead and start one. I like this thing and it works as good as the Stoker I had, although all it does is control pit temp. What's cool about it is that it will connect to Webers.
I've been seeing whole hogs at the WD also but they are bigger than my pits. I talked with the Butcher and he said they would keep getting them as long as they could move them, and cut them up as long as he could move them as well. Ordering is no problem he said.
Yeppers I want one of them fancy cooking gizmos where a person just hook it up to your laptop compooter an do an auto cook deal while being cozy in the camper whilst playing with Mama. Modern science is just too kewlish. Far as WD I sure do miss em. They was the Beef People in this part o the world. Would allow nothing short of Choice Grade and always priced right. The ones down here would even cook briskets for ya. They had these giant Southern Pride clones and they cook it for a buck apiece mo betta than most folks could cook them at home..or it was free if they knew ya. Had to buy it raw from them of course.

Them was the good ole days, but since you(and others) went and told everyone how to cook a brisket in your own backyard, there ain't no free brisket and it's higher than girrafe.............. when you go buy one!
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