A Mushroom Breakfast

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Old Dave

Senior Cook
Mar 29, 2009
Loaded the dogs up and headed to the woods yesterday to see if we could find a batch of mushrooms. I hadn’t had my mushroom dogs out over the Winter for much additional training so I wasn’t sure just how well they would do on this first outing.


They certainly were ready to go and took off on the hunt before I could even get a beer opened. In a few minutes, Herman started barking and I knew he was on to a patch of these wonderful delights. I got to him and picked up a couple of the small grey sponge mushrooms that were kinda dried out. By now my other two dogs were barking and both of them were onto some of the bigger yellow sponges. By the time I got these picked, this old fellow was tired so we quit for the day. We did have enough for a couple of breakfasts.




It wasn’t a big batch but some of them were quite large. It hasn’t been a very good year in my area for mushrooms.

Jan got the mushrooms cleaned and sliced up and put into a salt water filled bowl and then they went into the fridge for their overnight stay.


Got the mushrooms out this morning and rinsed and dried them off and they were ready to be breaded and fried.


Used a egg and milk wash and then flopped them around in a mixture of flour and cornmeal with salt and pepper.


They did fill two large oval plates after the breading.


Got a black iron skillet hot and fried this treat up and got them ready for our breakfast.



I fried up and egg and then some hot spicy breakfast sausage and along with a piece of toast, got ready to eat this wonderful breakfast.



Jan ate hers straight up with nothing but the mushrooms for her breakfast.

It just doesn’t get any better than this!!
Groceries look excellent. Do you ever try to teach them fine dawgs to step and fetch the magic models which grows in hot steamy cow patties on humid days? Give it some thought. You might also want to hustle those handsome animul companions off to the dawggy orthodontist afore the ASPCA lady sees the photo. Looks like they could eat an ear o corn through a chain link fence..so to speak.
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