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Sous Chef
Nov 23, 2008
A Hollar in Northern Iowa
A town a few miles away from us gots a genuine junk store, never know what yer gonna find there. Been goin fer years, always find sumtin whether er not I really need it.

Taday yielded two old gas cans, a heat lamp fer the chicken coop an this!


Now we can make our own tortilla's! I paid a whoppin $3.75 fer it an it's made in Mexico an be cast iron!

Sadly, this store gonna close the end a this summer. Gonna loose another one a my favorite stores.
Good find Hillbilly. Best reserve that one for the corn models. Pressing out the flour version take a big old huge pnumatic battering ram type moochine...or a large brown breasted mamacita with a rolling pin. The rolling pin version is much superior. I know cuz have had both..no no no. Not all three:)


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