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Nov 11, 2007
The Mrs. wants to go to Memphis for a few, maybe 4 days, and she also wants to visit Graceland. "I" want to hang out where the action is and listen to blues and eat bbq while we are not visiting Graceland, visit the local micro brew places, listen to bands, etc.

Any suggestions?? Fancy Hotel is no problem. I just want to be within staggering distance from my room. I'll constrain myself to carry her to Graceland for a day.
The Hilton is just one short block from Beal Street.
All the Blues and BBQ you need is right there.
Staggered up the street to the room at 2 am MANY times!!!!
Just heard on the radio yesterday that town in the most crime infested area in the US. Higher murder rate than Washington DC if that be possible. I would carry two pistolos. One in the boot and one in the overhauls. Thats how the locals do it I think.


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