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Barbara L

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Apr 4, 2004
Somewhere, US
Did any of you see the opening show of the new Amazing Race tonight? I've seen some of the couples get pretty mean to each other on that show, but never on the first show of the season! Some of them were downright hateful--before they even left Chicago!

Kitchenelf, I don't know if you saw it or not, but one of the girls on the show (Kendra) is from Hickory. Her dad was on the news tonight. She moved to Florida to become a model, and her dad hasn't seen her in 14 years.

The guy we think is hilarious is the wrestler (he and his wife are both wrestlers). He was whining about his heavy backpack before they had gone 100 yards, and he seems so inept and wimpy for his size.

:) Barbara
Yes, it is a reality show. It is pretty interesting. Couples go all over the world competing against each other in various challenges. The last one in each time is eliminated (except a few times when no one is eliminated), and the first of the final 3 to make it to the last checkpoint wins. I think the prize is $1 million. I've watched every one, and I can't remember! lol Pretty sure it is $1 million. If they do as they usually do, you can see the first show Saturday night. They usually do an encore of the first show.

:) Barbara
Hey I think I watched that one time. They were like in New York or somewhere like that and had to find clues and stuff. I remember one thing they had to do was get someone to swap shirts with them and something about finding one of the stars on the street. Maybe that was in Hollywood now that I think about it. Oh heck I dont' know where it was but I'm sure I did watch that once.
I don't think that was Amazing Race (unless I missed that episode), but it sounds interesting! lol

:) Barbara
I remember too that they had to take a picture whenever they completed the task they were suppose to do. Not much was on that night so I watched it but not something I had to be sure to catch again.
I try to limit my realilty shows because of my schedule.........I get frustrated if I can't catch the next episode...........hubby neglects to record them when I ask or I forget to ask.
I've been a fan of the show since the first one.

I can't believe people don't know the difference between gasoline powered vehicles and diesel powered. There's always somebody who fuels up with gasoline instead of diesel.
i don't like any of the contestants on this one. too many boobie girls and models and actors. no good normal people to root for. and why do they pick such un-interesting people from ny anyway...
I watched oh that other "new" reality show that some dumb rich guy runs. Last night they had to bungie jump into a gorge and another was to go in a barrel over the Victoria Falls....the point of it is to see if you have "Business savvy" or something of the sort. I rather enjoyed it more than the amazing race. I kinda find that one worth sleep time...
I like the Amazing Race, but I found this two-hour episode to be stretched quite a bit. It was a little boring watching them drove for so long, but I'm sure it will get better. I was also waiting for the Roadblock and they didn't do one.

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