Any unemployed vets here?

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Thanks for the heads up Dave. I will keep an eye peeled for some who might qualify and be in need. Seems like all my Viet Nam vet Buds are too old and the young Hero's seem to be in high demand in the Private Sector. Know many of the latest crop from Iraq and Afghanistan are fast filling up the doughnut muncher profession. They can kill a deer with a .30-30 at two thousand yards..jog twenty miles without inhaling..and mess folks up real bad bare handed..etc. I would not like to be a bad guy with the current generation of Gendarmes. Did you post this info on FB?
Whats a FB? But spread it as far as you can. I think the program is limited to 99,000 but that memory is hazy.
That FB is for Face Book. Took the liberty to post it over there. Thanks. You should get on there if you aint already. I have bumped into folks I aint seen since 2nd Grade. If you ever get on there I pose as Gomer Pyle. I wanted to be Goober..but that name always seems to be taken. Them nekked ladies been behaving themselves down at Galveston I
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