Anyone got cooking/eating plans for Super Bowl 2024? (Feb. 12th)

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Jan 19, 2017
I was waiting for someone to start this thread, but we are running out of time. The game is less than 24 hours away. :ohmy:

Besides some chips and other snacks, I will be frying up some chicken wings to toss in a mix of Frank's Red Hot and butter. Yep, Buffalo wings. I wonder if I'm the only person in America having wings for the SB??? ;)

I was going to make some shrimp in salsa negra - a dish from Rick Bayless, which is relatively easy to long as you have that salsa negra on hand (a paste like dish made with 4 oz of moritas, and some garlic cloves, fried in a generous amount of oil, then blended to a paste with some syrup, made from some piloncillo and water. This blended paste is then cooked down to a very thick paste, which won't even stick to the pan. I always have it on hand, and it lasts forever, due to the sugar in it. Only takes 3 tb of it, and 6 oz tomatoes (and a couple of other seasonings), for the sauce for 2 lbs of shrimp, to make tacos, with corn tortillas.

I'll probably eat a couple of those brownies I just made, too!
I'll hear about the results of the Super Bowl and about the commercials after it's over. I don't have TV and if I knew a site where I could stream it, I wouldn't bother. I hope all who enjoy that sort of thing have a lovely evening, or afternoon, depending on what time it is on where you live.
We're having Italian sausage and white bean soup. After all, it is Souper Bowl Sunday. 😆 It will be my official "first cook" in the new house. Tonight I heated pressure cooked chicken in the toaster oven while I simmered baby carrots in a wee bit of water with a pat of butter. Getting closer to being mostly set up.
KatyCooks, I've been looking at recipes for that Chicken Tartiflette. Which version are you going to do? Looks scrumptious!

Haven't even got around to think about supper. Football is not my thing.
KatyCooks, I've been looking at recipes for that Chicken Tartiflette. Which version are you going to do? Looks scrumptious!

Haven't even got around to think about supper. Football is not my thing.
Hi Dragn. The recipe I am using is from the February edition of the Sainsburys Magazine. I havent been able to find an online version, though this one is very similar - but without the leeks that are in the version I will be doing:

This is the one I will be making (though I will be reducing the quantities by about a third as this feeds 4 - 6).


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I am ready for the game! I have hot dogs and hamburgers if desired, but I also have a hand tossed pepperoni rising crust pizza, Buffalo wings with celery sticks & bleu chesse dip, tortilla chips & salsa, and beverages,including Pepsi, Canada Dry, Orange Crush, Fresca, and San Pellegrino. No beer! I want to watch the entire game instead of watching the first quarter and then waking up 3 hours later wondering who won.

Oh, and look what I found in my closet:

Well, the Super Bowl is being shown in the UK but coverage starts at 11.30pm so I will have finished my evening meal long before then! (Will be making Chicken Tartiflette Pie) - not sure why it's called a pie though as it contains no pastry. However, it looks pretty tasty!
The *only* recipe for Chicken Tartiflette Pie I can find is in the January 2024 issue of Sainsbury's magazine. I have no idea why they called it that, but I do know that copy editors seem to have fallen by the wayside. A good editor would have caught that.
Santa brought us a wood fired pizza oven so we are doing lemon rosemary olive oil wings similar to the ones they serve at Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza in Fort Lauderdale. At Anthony’s they are served with rosemary focaccia bread and the wings are topped with caramelized onions. I add homemade blue cheese and homemade ranch dressing with carrots and celery. We are also having chili with all the toppings and freshly fried tortilla chips. Happy Sunday!
These would be heresy to a Buffalo wing fan but I thought the use of an egg yolk was interesting.

I’m going to give this a try for oven fried chicken drumsticks.

I went back and forth on fried Buffalo wings, or smoked wings. But the forecast was for cold and rainy here, making the decision easy. It is 45F now, with on-and-off rain all day.

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