Arby's Steakhouse Garlic Ribeye Sandwich Review!

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Nov 8, 2004

Well this is the brand new Limited time item from the company.

At the place I was it was going for 7.49 with another roughly 3 bucks to make it a meal.

This Impressive sandwich includes:

Ribeye Steak
Big Eye Swiss
Crispy Onion Strings
Garlic Aioli Spread
Toasted Bun

I took just the sandwich and ate it inside the place.

This one I had sure did not look like the image above. The good looking meat was all nice and flat.

This was certainly ribeye meat though. Delicious easy to eat ribeye meat.

All the ingredients worked super well together. Super solid garlic aioli spread.

Arby's here has a winner. An expensive winner.

A big gigantic thumbs up here and a must try despite the high price for it. They really know how to do meat the other fast food places just never touch.
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