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Sounds like some of the anti comp arguments as espoused by Bob in GA, Dave Lineback etc.They do make some fair assessments that comp bbq should not be used as a criteria when judging the quality of bbq in general. Now I think there is an argument to be made on this issue especially as it applies to KCBS judging. Texas type man/manette off the street type judging is a hoss of a different color since folks are allowed to pick whut they really like as opposed to picking whut they tell them to pick in judging class. Thats purty silly.

There has been a debate on this forever....... The Mayan and native North Americans used indirect smoke methods for over hundreds of yrs before migration of the europeans arrived... in the Mayans ruins there is proof of smoking rooms for wild game all before the use of calendars.... so the definition of bbq and grilling will go forever... I have so called "grilled" pork and beat up comp style smoked pork... i have smoked some of the best brisket and got my ass handed to me by a Chuckwagon cook from the Pitchfork ranch in Texas that cooked on a rotisserie rod over a fire in the ground... The debate will rage on forever.......
Once in the backyard, my son once asked me, "Dad, what's the difference between the gas grill and the charcoal kettle?" To which I replied, "Attitude, son. Attitude."
BBq is done in indirect heat slow process of cooking and grilling is done in direct heat cooking faster :)
BBq is done in indirect heat slow process of cooking and grilling is done in direct heat cooking faster :)

Couldn't agree more. In fact, some may even call BBq indirect grilling which is normally used to cook tough cuts of meat.
Hey Captain Morgan, totally agree about the difference between Barbecue and Grilling, but you know what is common between them? Food Safety - If you use a barbecue or a grill you need to have all the food safety measures in place like proper meat storage and cooking temperature. All this to avoid your guest and family from getting sick from foodborne illness. Here are some more tips on how you can become a Barbecue master on your next outdoor barbecue.
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