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Mar 18, 2012
Can anyone recommend some bbq festival/competitions for spectators? I quickly did a google search but there were way too many to choose from.

Location doesn't matter too much; my friends and I are just looking for a place where we can eat an absurd amount of good bbq, and try a bunch of different varieties(sauces, rubs, meat).

Is there a Super Bowl equivalent of BBQ festival/competitions?
Hey cshel. Most competitions aren't geared up for feeding spectators. Not saying you cant get a sample if you make friends with somebody and some of the contests have food vendors where you can buy stuff.. If you are coming to eat at most IBCA/LSBS events would say the best bet is to volunteer to be a table judge..course at some events about half the stuff turned in aint fit to eat so it can be a double edged sword. Super Bowl would prob be the KCBS event in Kansas City called the Americkan Royal.
In many states (Noo Yawk being one of them), competitors are not allowed to distribute samples to the public under the state health laws. Like BW says, vendors, who must be licensed, are on hand at most comps, though.
I feel your pain sir. Now if you ever want trouble with health goons go to N. Richland Hills, TX We were minding our own bizness trying to have a beer joint parking lot chili cookoff when the biotch from hades aka city health wind of it. She was nearly not going to let us do it..but then she said we could as long as we did not give any samples to anybody. Even their dawg catchers are mean..but they are all real nice looking ladies. They wear the tight wranglers and it looks like two Bobcats fighting in a tow sack when they walk away sometimes.
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